Knowledge management in hotel chains: a review


  • José Manoel Gonçalves Gândara
  • Carolina Sass de Haro
  • Maria Ángeles Rastrollo-Horrillo
  • Tiago Savi Mondo


tourism, hospitality, knowledge management, hotel chains


Knowledge management seeks to make the organization operates the smartest way possible to ensure its viability and success, as well as using the most resources and ensure its constant renewal. The objective of this research is to discuss the main concepts related to knowledge management and its application in chains. We conducted a literature review and exploratory research. We present the main definitions of knowledge management, the main models and the use of knowledge management in chains. It was identified that a hotel chain that wants to be successful in its operation and management should seek to possess institutional knowledge on the market, knowing the profile of customers, suppliers, competitors and stakeholders.






Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

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Gândara, J. M. G., de Haro, C. S., Rastrollo-Horrillo, M. Ángeles, & Mondo, T. S. (2024). Knowledge management in hotel chains: a review. Tourism & Management Studies, 10(2), 146-154.