Ideal and real teaching competencies in distance education in a management course: a study in a Brazilian institution

Kely César Martins de Paiva, Valéria Rezende Barros, José Ricardo Costa Mendonça, Andreia de Oliveira Santos, Michelle Regina Santana Dutra


The aim of this study was to describe and analyse how competencies – ideal and real – are being taught in distance education (DE), as perceived by students and teachers in an undergraduate management degree programme of a Brazilian private university. The theoretical discussion focuses on professional and teaching competence and specific characteristics of DE. This exploratory and descriptive case study included quantitative and qualitative approaches (triangulation). Data were collected with 107 questionnaires completed by students and 10 interviews conducted with five students and five teachers. The results show a gap between what is expected of teachers and what they actually have been doing with their students. This is alarming for all concerned. Given the findings and limitations of this study, suggestions for future research are outlined


Professional competence, teaching competence, distance education, management, teacher.

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