Behind the scene in the hospitality industry: Quality of life at work in the housekeeping sector – chambermaids at hotels in Foz do Iguaçu – PR – Brazil

Marcus Henrique Rolim Leite, Carlos Alberto Tomelin, Marcos Roberto Ramos


This study assesses the Quality of Life at Work (QLW) of employees of the housekeeping sector – chambermaids – in executive hotels that are members of the Brazilian Hotel Industry Association (ABIH-PR) in the municipality of Foz do Iguaçu, PR. The method used was exploratory research, through the use of the TQWL – 42 questionnaire and interviews conducted in six executive type hotels with a population of 51 maids. Multivariate statistical analysis enabled a qualitative and quantitative reading of the workplace from the point of view of those who experience it on a daily basis. In general, the workers are reasonably satisfied with their working environment, but these results could also be seen as a need for improvement in the working environment and relationships. In view of the maids’ understanding that quality of services is linked to the quality of life of workers, we found that the maids provide their organisations with a more human face.


Hotel management, maid, quality of life, work, provision of services.

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