• josé António C. Santos ESGHT/Universidade do Algarve
  • Margarida Santos ESGHT/UALG


This special issue follows a commitment made to the last two TMS conferences to publish a selection of the best presented papers. Noteworthy is the holistic excellence model adapted to technology-based companies, which integrates the advantages of other systems such as balanced scorecard, European foundation for quality management (EFQM) and holistic marketing (HM). This issue presents several interesting theoretical approaches always accompanied by the respective case studies. Examples of which are the top down and the bottom up approaches, the social network perspective, the process of strategic alignment, the perspective of Miller and Friesen and Greiner's approach.

Regarding the area of Management, we have important topics as entrepreneurship, banking, industrial management (with various articles), human resources, accounting, marketing in the cosmetics and luxury clothing sectors, corporate social responsibility and education in Management.

In the area of Tourism We'd like to refer the main topics as marketing for the hotel, the effect of user-generated content in the image of tourist destinations, internationalization of hotel groups, the importance of the real effective exchange rate, competitiveness, cultural heritage management, decentralization of the public administration of tourism, and quality of life in the governance sector.

This issue provides an important theoretical and applied contribution to different thematic areas of Management and Tourism. Consequently, we thank the authors and reviewers for their valuable collaboration and excellent work.

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José António C. Santos and Margarida Santos

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