Innovation management in the Beira Interior SME’s: the manager perspetives


  • Carla da Silva Bonito Taborda
  • Cristina Maria Santos Estevão
  • Sara Morgado Nunes


Innovation, business, prospects, Beira Interior


Before the current situation, companies are located in a market more
competitive business, becoming an urgent adjustment or modification
of its management. We know that is through innovation that
companies can be competitive, so it is important to its ongoing
implementation and consequently demand for new products and new
production processes, in order to cope with competition and maintain
its competitive position . Given the importance of studying the topic of
innovation in enterprises, this article aims to analyze the different
perspetives of innovation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of
Beira Interior of Portugal. In the methodology we used as an
instrument of research questions in the CIS III in 2008 and statistical
processing of data was prepared based on a fator analysis. From the
analysis of data showed that managers innovate taking into account
three perspetives very important: on one hand with the objetive of
reducing costs and ensuring environmental sustainability, on the
other by the need to update, and second, a perspetive to guide the






Business/Management: Research Papers

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Innovation management in the Beira Interior SME’s: the manager perspetives. (2013). Tourism & Management Studies, 9(2), 124-129.

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