Consumer attitudes toward the marketing practices in Portugal


  • Paula Odete Fernandes
  • Luís Ferreira Correia


Consumers’ attitude, marketing policies, sentiments toward marketing-mix, consumers’ satisfaction


The purpose of this research was to try to ascertain and measure
Portuguese consumers’ attitudes towards marketing practices as well
as their satisfaction level concerning the 4 P´s. Thus, the aim of this
study was to observe consumers’ attitudes in several regions of
mainland Portugal, by carrying out a survey. The sample used
consisted of 600 consumers, who were selected proportionally to the
existing population over 15 years old, assuming a precision error of
4% and a significance level of 5%. The main results enable the
observation of a positive consumer attitude towards marketing-mix
activities, product quality, and distribution and sales, since their
satisfaction concerning the respective parameters matches their
expectations. On the other hand, the results revealed a negative
attitude towards products’ price policies as well as communication
policies, since consumers showed dissatisfaction towards these






Business/Management: Research Papers

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Consumer attitudes toward the marketing practices in Portugal. (2013). Tourism & Management Studies, 9(2), 86-92.

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