• Galder Guenaga Garay ESGHT/Universidade do Algarve
  • Goizalde Hernando Saratxaga Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales de Bilbao, Universidad del País Vasco, Spain


Company tour, experiential marketing, memorable experience, authenticity, edutainment


According to marketing gurus, marketing has undergone a major change, a paradigm shift, since the consumer no longer chooses a product or service only for the cost-benefit ratio, or its functional attributes, but for the experience offered before, during and after the purchase. Therefore, the consumer needs and demands authentic, multisensory, memorable experiences. Thus, experiential marketing seeks to create holistic experiences for consumers through companies/brands associated with deep sensory, affective and creative perceptions. Experiential marketing attempts to establish a personal and meaningful interaction with the consumer that is not achieved with traditional marketing. In this regard, this paper makes a review and a summary of the concept of experiential marketing, and also displays and shows that the phenomenon of visiting live companies can be an innovative and effective tool of experiential marketing for companies and also an innovative and effective form of experiential edutainment for consumers/visitors. As an example, this paper provides some empirical evidence based on eight real and successful experiences

Author Biography

  • Galder Guenaga Garay, ESGHT/Universidade do Algarve
    PhD, Adjunct Professor, ESGHT/University of Algarve Web Manager of the Journal Encontros Científicos - Tourism & Management Studies  Director of the undergraduate Course in Hotelmanagement, ESGHT/University of Algarve



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Guenaga Garay, G., & Hernando Saratxaga, G. (2013). COMPANY TOUR: AN INNOVATIVE EXAMPLE OF EXPERIENTIAL MARKETING. Tourism & Management Studies, 1134-1154.

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