Catalina Piña-Garau


Revenue is a key number to users of financial information in assessing an entity’s financial performance and position. Nevertheless, revenue recognition requirements in US GAAP diverge from those in IFRSs and both need updating. US GAAP include detailed revenue recognition concepts and a guidance for particular industries and transactions that can generate a different accounting for economically similar transactions. IFRSs are less detailed, however, the two main revenue recognition standards, IAS 18 “Revenue” and IAS 11 “Construction Contracts”, are not easy to understand and implement. Moreover, IAS 18 does not provide a detailed guidance on significant questions such as revenue recognition for multi-element contracts. This paper studies the pros and cons of the accounting model for revenue recognition and onerous performance obligations published by the FASB and the IASB in their revised exposure draft on “Revenue from Contracts with Customers” (November 2011).


Revenue, Convergence, US GAAP, IFRS, FASB, IASB.

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