Análisis Estratégico y Gestión del Golf en la Indústria Turística del Algarbe

Paulo Neves


After selecting the research field and identifying the need to create a new scientific orientation for all tourists agents with a direct – golf tourism – or indirect – sun and sea tourism – activity in tourism, in Portugal and specially in the Algarve, and based on strategic scientific areas such as work organization, quality, human resources and strategic management, which contribute for the sustainability of tourism and golf, the operating rules, the demonstration and the theoretical and practical framework of the mentioned issues were defined. Furthermore this was also supported by a new approach and philosophy, where production, management, organizational knowledge and skills are nowadays considered essential for the competitiveness in tourism and golf in the national and international economy. In addition it was possible to understand and adapt certain strategic concepts to tourism and golf with the development of these issues, such as managing diversity, capacity to integrate different organizational cultures inside companies, for example, managers and collaborators of different companies cooperating together and using diversified techniques and technologies. This is one of the biggest challenges of management and strategy, trying to combine different strategic approaches so that companies can stimulate the creation of a new knowledge management and simultaneously adopt other strategic actions. Finally and as the key issue of this research work, there was an attempt to innovate the level of the present tourist policy based on work organization, quality, human resources and strategic management, as the fundamental principles and the supply differentiators of the Algarve in the main international markets, once these concepts and knowledge areas are connected to long term profitability and competitiveness.


Golf, Management, Strategic Management, Tourism, Strategic Groups

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