Trilhos da sustentabilidade turística

José Manuel Figueiredo Santos


This essay seeks to bring to debate a careful posture relatively to the current models of sustainability, as an expression of a wider frame inscribed on the modernity crisis, and at the same time it aims to transact information for the comprehension of the meanings and contexts in which they are formulated and where are emerging the contemporary discourses about this issue. Taking the sustainability as a conjectural corollary for the change in the technical and social systems which shape the experience of present time, spreading influentially on tourism, we seek to note certain contradictions in the logics which support their discursive matrixes, either in terms of the imaginary construction suggestions for a desirable future, either in terms of the understanding of the conditions for their viability. The construction of sustainability models, put in perspective between the technological operativism and the political decisionism, and the intervention types associated with such models, when articulating with the triple axis of preservation-tourism-consumption and with a vigorous marketing, do not cease to appeal to the nature of many of the figurative and re-figurative strategies for the tourist experience which, in discourse, seek to take it as a catalyst for the stimulation of local economies, preserving at the same time, the culture and the environment.


Sustainable development, Ecocentric Economy, Social Environmentalism, Performative Sustainability, Sustainable Tourism, Sociology of Tourism

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