Helena Almeida



After decades of attempts trying to solve the problem of Transfer of Training, it could seem that there is a greater success in its theory-practice relation. However, even after having produced theoretical models which specified that variables influence the transfer, we still read disappointing estimates of the application of the training to work. It is intended to evaluate the effect of certain antecedents on the Transfer of the Training (criterion variable). The mediator effect of two variables is also analyzed (Self efficiency and Motivation to Transfer) in the relation between these two antecedents and the criterion variable. 128 gardeners were asked (and their supervisors) after the training and at the workplace through the Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI) of indicators of Warr, Allan & Birdi (1999) and through a questionnaire of Satisfaction of the Training Course. The analyses of regression, which were made, confirm the direct relation of the evaluated antecedents on the Transfer of the Training. In what concerns the mediator effect which was tested, the results show that the perception of the Self- Efficiency of the performance and of the Motivation to Apply the Training can have a mediator effect only when they appear together .The obtained results provide an empirical support in what concerns the theoretical models in this area which defend that in order to transfer the training to the workplace the formative content must be retained along time.


Antecedents; Mediators; Training; Workplace

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