Vol 12, No 2 (2016)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF (PT)
Alfonso Vargas Sánchez 5-5

Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

Analysis of advertising effectiveness and usability in Travel 2.0 tools. An experimental study through eye-tracking technique PDF (SP)
Francisco Muñoz-Leiva, Janet Hernández-Méndez, Francisco J. Liébana-Cabanillas, Mauro Marchitto 7-17
Collaborative networks in community-based tourism: implications for participatory management PDF (PT)
Andrés Burgos, Frédéric Mertens 18-23
The impact of eWOM: a study on the adoption of opinions on consumer online communities PDF (PT)
Jorge Brantes Ferreira, Angilberto Freitas, Eduardo Rocha Guarana, Thais Vieira de Lima, Juliana Werneck Rodrigues, Cristiane Junqueira Giovannini 28-37
Image of Camino de Santiago: Analysis of its promotional representation as a tourist product PDF (SP)
María José Andrade Suárez, Iria Caamaño Franco 38-46
Tourism capacity as organizational performance assumption: A study in the hotel sector PDF (PT)
Elvis Silveira-Martins, Vinicius Costa da Silva Zonatto, Luiz Eduardo Mascarenhas 47-56
The virtuous relationship between entrepreneurship and social capital: a study on tourism rural businesses in Portugal and Brazil PDF (PT)
Teresa Costa, Simone Galina 57-69
The inseparable alliance between cultural and rural tourism in Madeira PDF (PT)
Elisabete Teixeira Gouveia Rodrigues 70-77
The use of social media in hotels as indicator of efficient management PDF (SP)
Juan Pedro Mellinas, Soledad María Martínez María-Dolores, Juan Jesús Bernal García 78-83
Analysis of the determinants on the predisposition to visit a wellness tourism destination. Typologies of potential tourists PDF (SP)
Andrea Paola De la Hoz, Francisco Muñoz Leiva 84-95
Stakeholders participation in tourism and recreation planning and management in protected areas: Fundamentals on the participatory process PDF (PT)
Paulo Filipe Rosa, Luís Alberto Dias Carvalhinho, Jorge Alexandre Pereira Soares 96-106
Tourist experience in museums: perceptions of managers and visitors PDF (PT)
Marlusa de Sevilha Gosling, João Albino Silva, Julio Mendes, Mariana de Freitas Coelho, Italo Brener Carvalho 107-116
Crisis and survival strategy in the Spanish hospitality industry: An approach through financial statements PDF (SP)
Remedios Ramón Dangla 117-126

Business/Management: Research Papers

Intangible Marketing: The servicescape and the use of physical evidence projection of service environments PDF (PT)
Marcelo da Silva Schuster, Valéria da Veiga Dias, Luciana Flores Battistella 128-134
Risk Management in Portuguese “Excellence SME” PDF (PT)
Fernando Oliveira Tavares, Luís Pacheco, Miguel Rodrigues Pires 135-144
Quality assessment of online banking services: An integrated model of SERVQUAL - Kano and QFD PDF (PT)
Ariana Heleno Marques dos Santos, Carlos JF Cândido 145-153
CSR and technology companies: a study on the motivations of implementation and integration in Spanish companies PDF (SP)
Juan Andres Bernal-Conesa, Antonio Juan Briones Peñalver, Carmen de Nieves-Nieto 154-164
Intangible resources and export performance PDF (PT)
Orlando Lima Rua, Alexandra Silva França 165-172