Brand image of the region Center of Portugal as seen by its residents


  • Manuel Gouveia
  • Teresa Aragonez
  • Irina Saur-Amaral


Place marketing, place branding, region Center of Portugal, regional image, regional development


The main objective of this research was the development of empiric
knowledge about the opinions of the region residents, regarding their
levels of identification with the region and its brand, and their level of
attachment to this new geographical reality. The selected methodology
went through an initial qualitative approach, followed by a quantitative
one. Regarding the quantitative study, a questionnaire was applied to
the region residents from witch was obtained a sample of 2.050
individuals. Although the results show that it isn’t easy for the
respondents to separate the brand from the region, it was possible to
identify the variables that influence residents’ brand and region
perceptions, and conclude that respondents associate the same
characteristics and attributes to the brand and to the region






Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

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Gouveia, M., Aragonez, T., & Saur-Amaral, I. (2024). Brand image of the region Center of Portugal as seen by its residents. Tourism & Management Studies, 11(2), 93-102.