Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

Editors: José António C. Santos, Margarida Santos, Paulo Águas

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
José António C. Santos, Margarida Santos, Paulo Águas 4-4

Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

Hotel companies and corporate environmentalism PDF
Paul Reynolds 7-12
Development of social media and web 2.0 in the top hotel chains PDF
Arturo Haro de Rosario, María del Mar Gálvez Rodríguez, María del Carmen Caba Pérez 13-19
Beyond the glass ceiling: a gendered and cultural hospitality management discourse on the advancement of women based on integrated research paradigms PDF
Faith Samkange, Sihle Dingani 20-27
The influence of teenagers on a family’s vacation choices PDF
Maria Teresa Borges Tiago, Flávio Gomes Borges Tiago 28-34
Linking past and future research in tourism management through the lens of marketing and consumption: a systematic literature review PDF
Irina Saur-Amaral, Pedro Ferreira, Rosa Conde 35-40
Long-run forecasting of the number of the ecotourism arrivals in the municipality of Stambolovo, Bulgaria PDF
Preslav Dimitrov 41-47

Business/Management: Research Papers

Strategy, investment, behaviour and results PDF
Richard Pettinger 49-57
Workplace surveillance: examining current instruments, limitations and legal background issues PDF
Ulrike Hugl 58-63
Strategic process and organizational knowledge: Towards a pattern of strategic knowledge management PDF
Damião Eneias de Melo dos Santos, Adriana Roseli Wünsch Takahashi 64-71
Who’s buying organic food and why? Political consumerism, demographic characteristics and motivations of consumers in North Queensland PDF
Breda McCarthy, Laurie Murphy 72-79
Investigating the influence of reference group judgements of global warming on consumers PDF
Maria A. O. Dos Santos 80-84
The moderating role of strategy and environment on the relationship between corporate liquidity and investment: evidence from panel data PDF
Celísia Baptista, Fernanda Matias, Patrícia Oom do Valle 85-91
Types of entrepreneurs in the conversion process of economic functions in towns: Paraty case study (Rio de Janeiro State) PDF
Fátima Bayma, Anderson de Souza Sant’Anna, Danila Martins Diniz 92-96
The Portuguese consumer sentiment index toward marketing mix in crisis context PDF
Paula Odete Fernandes, Rui Esteves Pimenta 97-100
Portuguese knowledge intensive business services: What do we know about them? PDF
Luísa Carvalho, Sandra Pinto 101-108
The relation between IT competency and knowledge management processes and its mediators PDF
Susana Pérez-López, Beatriz Junquera 109-115
Synergistic effect in alignment between business environment scanning strategy and IT strategy in enterprises PDF
Dorota Jelonek 116-120
The relationship between organizational culture and the transfer of management, functions and roles in the SMES succession: A case study between Hungary and North of Portugal PDF
José Paulo Machado da Costa, Eszter Bogdány 121-128
How benefits management helps balanced scorecard to deal with business dynamic environments PDF
Jorge Gomes, Mário Romão 129-138