Raising cultural awareness of local traditions through festival tourism


  • Mariya Stankova
  • Ivanka Vassenska


Festivals, festival tourism, local products, traditions, cultural awareness.


Worldwide, festivals and local special events are used as key elements within regional development strategies. Festivals and local special events are widely acknowledged to make an important contribution to the economic development of their local areas, as they provide opportunities for tourism promotion, commercial outcomes and increased inward investment in host regions (Getz, 2007; Van de Wagen, 2005) and contribute to the extension of the tourism season (Huang, Li & Cai, 2010; Boo and Busser, 2006; Kotler, Haider & Rein, 1993; Mehmetoglu and Ellingsen, 2005). However, the question of their contribution to the conservation of cultural heritage and traditions through an interpretation in tourism also requires attention.
In the paper, the approach of cultural profiles is implemented as a tool to raise the awareness for local tradition, being presented on local festival. In this regard, based on a survey among organizers of festivals, local entrepreneurs participating in festivals and tourists visiting them, the degree of authenticity of local traditions in South Bulgaria was estimated. With the main purpose – identification and establishment of opportunities for sustainable economic, social and cultural development of those regions, preserving and handing the existing heritage to future generations.

Author Biography

  • Mariya Stankova
    PhD, Adjunct Professor, ESGHT/University of Algarve Web Manager of the Journal Encontros Científicos - Tourism & Management Studies  Director of the undergraduate Course in Hotelmanagement, ESGHT/University of Algarve






Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

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Stankova, M., & Vassenska, I. (2024). Raising cultural awareness of local traditions through festival tourism. Tourism & Management Studies, 11(1), 120-127. https://tmstudies.net/index.php/ectms/article/view/766