Female senior segment: A study on lifestyles and consumption behavior of cosmetic products

Gabriela Cardoso, Pedro Ferreira


The tendency towards an aging society is well known currently. The growth of this population group makes it crucial to understand how these individuals live and consume. Using the consumption of cosmetic products as a framework, the goal of this study is to understand what characterises the senior female population, specifically regarding their lifestyles, and to understand their behaviour towards cosmetic products. To achieve this double goal, primary data collection was conducted with 300 women 55 years of age or older. The questionnaires included questions related to lifestyles, consumer behaviour with cosmetic products and demographic questions. The methodology of analysis was based on data reduction techniques, namely factor and cluster analysis. With this research, we expect to contribute to the understanding of the senior population segment in Portugal, especially their consumer behaviour with cosmetic products


Senior segment, life styles, cosmetic products, clusters

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