Organizational life cycle and longevity: analysis of the metropolitan industries Belo Horizonte/MG from the approach of Greiner

Érica Daniela de Morais, Wendel Alex Castro Silva


We aim to identify the Organisational Life Cycle (OLC) phase of industries belonging to the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, MG, using Greiner’s (1998) approach.

Data were collected through a structured survey composed of closed questions on a Likert scale of five points. Further, we applied the method of fuzzification of data to categorise them, allowing an analysis of the OLC.

Among the 33 respondent companies, it was found that most of them have been in operation for over 20 years, have over 100 employees and are medium sized, especially in the automotive sector. These companies are at the stage of collaboration, signalling maturity in their OLC and certainly longevity.

When comparing the presence of characteristics such as age, the size of firms was an important determinant in the early stages of classification, according to Greiner. This, however, was refuted by the results.


Organisational life cycle, Greiner’s model, fuzzification

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