Business longevity and entrepreneurial characteristics: MSE's analysis of the Teófilo Otoni/ Minas Gerais/Brazil microregion


  • José Roberto Cajaíba de Oliveira
  • Wendel Alex Castro Silva
  • Elisson Alberto Tavares Araújo


Business longevity, entrepreneurial characteristics, micro and small enterprises


We aimed to identify the relationship between longevity of micro and
small enterprises located in the microregion of Teófilo Otoni/MG, and
the behavioral characteristics attributed to successful entrepreneurs.
The study is empirical-descriptive, structured questionnaire was used
in data collection, obtaining the return of 283 respondents, were
analyzed using descriptive statistics and discriminant analysis.
The sample was divided in three groups of entrepreneurs categorized
by the longevity of enterprises, to assess a possible difference in the
presence of the characteristics, according to age them.
It was found that the presence of these characteristics would be associated
with longevity, highlighting the variable "be independent/self-confidence",
since than the results of discriminant analysis indicate the influence from
this in the age of these enterprises.
It was expected to find differences between groups, from the
discriminant function, which had not occured.
However, in various stages of maturity these small business, the
characteristics can contribute to enterprises' performance, if present
in the actions of their managers, even those in that informal structures
are more present, their managers have low schooling, and that the
region produces little economic wealth.






Business/Management: Research Papers

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Business longevity and entrepreneurial characteristics: MSE’s analysis of the Teófilo Otoni/ Minas Gerais/Brazil microregion. (2013). Tourism & Management Studies, 9(2), 107-117.