Competitive training in tourism


  • Ventsislav Statev Universidade de Veliko Turnovo, Bulgária


Accredited universities in Bulgaria, tourism, syllabuses, comparative characteristics, economic subjects.


The aim of the present article is to support the thesis that one way of providing competitive training in a Bachelor level program in the professional field of Tourism is for the accredited university to introduce to the higher education market a subject-matter structure in the particular academic program, which would fully reflect the peculiarities of the academic, teaching and training capacity, formed and developed during the period of existence of the department, the faculty and the university, in which this training is performed. In promoting these syllabuses, special emphasis is to be laid upon the differences and peculiarities offered to the target group in contrast to the syllabuses of other institutions of higher education in terms of the options it provides. According to the author, this is one way for the institution of higher education, providing Tourism training, to show its own image of uniqueness, thus gaining advantage over the other institutions on the higher education market in Bulgaria. Its long-term success on the higher education market in Bulgaria is an important prerequisite for the institution to become a preferable place for international student mobility.

Author Biography

  • Ventsislav Statev, Universidade de Veliko Turnovo, Bulgária
    PhD Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics St Cyril and St Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria






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