Vol 19, No 4 (2023)

Editors: José António C. Santos, Margarida Custódio Santos, Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, Miguel Puig-Cabrera

Table of Contents

Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

Examining the relationship between online distribution channels and tourist satisfaction and loyalty PDF
Paula Antón Maraña, Julio César Puche Regaliza, Pablo Arranz Val, Santiago Aparicio Castillo 7-20
Artificial intelligence-based large language models and integrity of exams and assignments in higher education: the case of tourism courses PDF
Abdullah Ülkü 21-34
Exploring family travel motivation, preference, and decision-making with children of different ages PDF
Tzuhui Angie Tseng, Hsiu-Wen Chien, Ching-Cheng Shen 35-45

Business/Management: Research Papers

Linking e-leadership to innovative and proactive work behaviors in tourism higher education institutions: a moderated mediation model using SEM PDF
Heba Said, Noha Ahmed Kamel 47-60

Applied Cultural Studies: Research Papers

Using data envelopment analysis to evaluate the efficiency of creative tourism in Portugal PDF
Mansour Ghanian, Paula Remoaldo 61-71