Vol 19, No 1 (2023)

Editors: José António C. Santos, Margarida Custódio Santos, Alfonso Vargas Sánchez

Table of Contents

Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

The factors affecting tourism mobile apps usage PDF
Ferhat Seker, Gökhan Kadirhan, Ahmet Erdem 7-14
The role of human emotions in memorable tourism experience and revisit intention PDF
Abhijeet Vikramaditya Tiwari, Naval Bajpai, Prasant Pandey 15-27
Ecotourism research: a bibliometric review PDF
Abdurrahman Dinç, Mehmet Bahar, Yunus Topsakal 29-40

Business/Management: Research Papers

Boredom in workplace and its relationship to life satisfaction among recreation and leisure professionals PDF
Joohyun Lee, Zack Wetzel 41-48

Applied Cultural Studies: Research Papers

Individual cultural values as determinants of the attitudinal process in the restaurant: a different perspective for understanding brand equity formation PDF
María Eugenia Rodríguez-López, Juan Miguel Alcántara-Pilar, Salvador Del Barrio-García 49-57