Spain vs Portugal: The image of both countries and its evolution in times of crisis

Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez


This paper addresses the issue of how far the prolonged current crisis is damaging the image of Portugal and Spain, being this factor of undoubtedly importance in a global economy, that is, in a global competition to attract investment, tourists ... to sell, in short. Thus, the available data reveal, in general, the deterioration of the image that both countries have suffered in recent years.

It is clear that the image projected outside by a country affects when doing business internationally, to the extent that it transmits certain values ??and reputation. Accordingly, in terms of methodology, the main findings of a number of studies that have been made ??in this regard have been extracted, based on secondary data; although some of them are not strictly indicators of image, they do have an influence on it.

Finally, we reflect on the potential impact on trade relations between the two countries.


Country brand, Spain, Portugal, foreign trade

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