La industria del automóvil: un análisis del grado de concentración por segmentos Automotive industry: Concentration analysis by segments

Manuel A. Espitia-Escuer, Mariano Ubé-Sanjuán


The aim of this paper is to measure the degree of concentration observed in the automotive industry in Spain by market segments, to obtain an assessment in terms of internal competition. New car sales in Spain were examined for 2008, 2009 and 2010, distinguishing these by model and category of vehicles. This data allowed an approach to entropy and Herfindahl indexes. The results obtained supported the conclusion that SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) and off-road vehicles show the most extreme situations, with major and minor concentrations respectively. The latter category experienced greater internal competition. On the other hand, a uniform tendency is not manifested by all market segments for the three years studied, indicating a heterogeneous behaviour.


Concentration, diversification, car, segment, competition

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