Cidades santuário - oferta e procura -síntese de estatísticas editadas (1.ª parte)

Vitor Ambrósio


The definition of a model to the lifecycle of religious tourism destinations is fully indebted, among others, to a thorough literature revision of religious tourism research. Any literature review must be conducted in a way such as to systematize scattered and formerly unrelated information and to overcome existing information gaps. Only thus can we attain synergies among existing analyses.

Hence, my goal is to present, in two articles, a synthesis of statistics issued until 2006, by characterizing both offer and demand within the tourism segment at stake here. Although the data presented have, to a great extent, been surveyed in by-gone years, my aim will be to highlight the relevance of the research already at hand and, at the same time, urge researchers and stakeholders in the field to repeat survey actions and promote result comparison between formerly existing and new data.


Marian Sanctuary-towns; Offer; Demand; Statistic Data.

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