Carmina Jambrino-Maldonado, Carlos de las Heras-Pedrosa


The objective of the research project is to design a tool for the constant evaluation of corporate reputation through the use of monitors. To this day, corporate image audits have been carried out for the detection of each company's peculiarities and of certain aspects which may affect its reputation; however, the use of monitors tends to standardize the analysis by imposing a scale of checked variables this analysis is focused on. The main purpose of this research will be to carry out a study of those monitors measuring corporate reputation with the aim of determining the ideal monitor model for corporate reputation that can be applied in different lending organizations of goods and services in the tourism sector scenario. In each one of the different monitors, we will analyze: reputation variables; relationship between hard and soft variables; type of informants; existence of a double evaluation. The final aim after the analysis of these aspects will be a proposal of Monitor Model covering: an index of primary variables; a wide set of secondary variables; balance between hard and soft variables; a double evaluation; a contrast mechanism of merits; evaluation carried out by experts; periodical evaluation of external agents.


Corporate reputation, Tourist destination, Communication, Marketing, Image

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