Os conteúdos Emocionais na Descrição de Mensagens Publicitárias

Ronaldo Schütz


In the fields of Marketing and Publicitary Communication, the mobilization of emotional dynamics appears to be quite essential to reach objectives. If practical experience makes that evident, still the amount of based resarch seems to be reduced. Starting from the observation of the emotional relevance in determining human behaviour, it is necessary, for the accurate setting of actions leading to mobilise such conditioned reactions, the knowledge of the information concerning to how the emotio-nally connoted messages are processed. TV Ads (Commercials) with positive, neutral and negative emotional connotation were projected to a sample of young adults, and it was observed that emotions are major determinants in the messages interpretation process. The sample split into genders arose relevant differences concerning the effects and reactions to distinguished kinds of emotion, mainly in its expression. When sorted into courses, some distinctive information about each group studied was achieved, justifying great attention to the "nicher" matter in Marketing Communication.


emotion, advertising, marketing, communication, promotional video (advertisement)

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