Modos de Gestão de Recursos Humanos na Hotelaria Algarvia

Ana Trindade


The goal of this paper is to reveal the Human Resources Management practices in the Algarve Hospitality and establish their connection with organisational effectiveness. This work assumes as a starting point that H.RM. (Human resource management) is a central area in tourism organisations. This assumption is based on the fact that the tourism sector is highly dependent on the service people provide and H.R.M. is decisive for the tourist perception of the tourist destination. The research hypothesis is that we would find a general pattern of H.R.M. in the studied organisations (all the Hotels in the Algarve with 100 or more employees). This pattern would be characterized by a significant investment in H.R.M. with a special focus on the practices that deal with seasonality, heterogeneity and the high level of human dimension in this sector.


Human Resources Management, Hotels in the Algarve, Factorial Analysis, Hotelmanagement in the Algarve

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