Gemma I. Morales Cortijo, José Manuel Hernández Mogollón


The present work tries to define and identify the different actors or agents (stakeholders) that intervene in the tourist activity, through their descriptive analysis. The work tries to define tourism stakeholders, indicating their priorities, bearing in mind that better identified stakeholders and their interests will provide more effective managerial activity in which they intervene. We try to be specific and identify the stakeholders involved in the tourist activity to understand the creation, development and system implantation of Intelligence of Marketing (SIM) in a tourist territory. This is done by means of a constant systematized process of withdrawal of information with high strategic value, involving social networks of clients, professionals and other tourist agents. These agents apart from generating intelligent market information, are going to be also the main users of this information when taking decisions or implementing managerial strategies.


System; Information; Marketing; Stakeholders; Tourism

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