Daniela Fantoni Alvares, Júlia Maria Brandão Barbosa Lourenço


This article aims to perform an analysis on the planning and management of tourism in Ouro Preto, located in southeastern Brazil. It also aims at presenting the innovations with a direct impact on tourism perceived in this town taking into account that these innovations contribute to improve the competitiveness of that destination. In order to achieve our goals, we carried out a study visit, data collection, and semi-structured interviews. Based on data analysis, we performed discussions on tourism management and competitiveness in this destination. Survey results point out that there is still field to innovate and that one of the detected perceived innovations is the continuity of innovative programmes like the Integrated States Routes Programme of Brazil. Regarding the results of the study on 65 tourism destinations in the country, in particular the analysis of Ouro Preto, these indicate that there are improvements to be made to achieve a better level of competitiveness. Finally, we emphasize that it is recommended that policy makers should take a more professional approach in planning and managing tourism in this destination.


Tourism Management; Competitiveness; Planning; Innovation

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