Mohammad H. Haddadzadeh, Zahra Mohebbi, Arun G Maiya


Medical tourism as a term of tourism has risen rapidly in recent decades. One of the major reasons for medical tourism is to get low cost and world-class medical treatment in countries like India, Thailand, South America, Singapore, and Malaysia. Health and medical tourism is perceived as one of the fastest growing segments in marketing ‘Destination India’ today. In recent years, availability of latest medical facilities and technological advancement in developing countries like India making these countries as the hot zones for medical tourism. As a rule of thumb in medical tourism, people are not only aspiring better treatments for their ailments but are also looking at the holistic well-being. They want to recover, relax, rejuvenate, rejoice and more over get away from the routine. Thus, Medical Tourism offers a synergy of healthcare, tourism and hospitality, proving to be an attractive and energetic health package for the people. India offers World Class medical facilities, comparable with any of the western countries. India has state of the art hospitals and the best qualified doctors, despite the lowest cost in all kind of medical interventions compared with other developing countries. Other advantages of Medical Tourism in India include no waiting list, & less chance of resisted infections compared to UK or other western countries. Since Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, medical tourism in Cardiovascular Disease treatments has a huge potential to attract health tourist from all over the world. Although medical tourism in surgical interventions in cardiovascular medicine has started recently in India, but Cardiovascular Rehabilitation is a forgotten horizon and is undermined. Cardiac Rehabilitation with its multi-disciplinary team approach including Cardiology, Physical therapy, Psychological and Nutritional management and life style changes can play a significant role in improving healthcare tourism prospects.
India has the huge potential of being a hot zone for cardiovascular medicine and Cardiac Rehabilitation because of the availability of all facilities and required technological equipment, up to date team for cardiac rehabilitations, and lower cost. Since psychological management and stress reduction is one the most important parts in cardiac rehabilitation, India with its large number of resorts and spa’s and opportunities for Safaris at a very low cost has a tremendous capability of such intervention. In summary, according to the components of cardiac rehabilitation, India with its particular native holistic treatments like Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Yuga, Meditations and Vegetarian diet has a huge potential to contribute and expand in Cardiac Rehabilitation specifically and become a leading country for such intervention which is underestimated in current practice of medical tourism of India.


Medical Tourism; Cardiovascular Rehabilitation; Holistic Medicine; Cardiovascular Medicine

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