Vol 17, No 4 (2021)

Editors: José António C. Santos, Margarida Custódio Santos, Alfonso Vargas Sánchez

Table of Contents

Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

Mapping information systems maturity: the case of the Portuguese hospitality industry PDF
Nuno António, Gustavo Sá 7-21
Predictive potential of the bankruptcy global models in the tourism industry PDF
Agustín Del Castillo García, Sergio Manuel Fernández Miguélez 23-31
Territorial dimension in the internationalization of tourism destinations: Structuring factors in the post-COVID19 PDF
Maria do Rosário Campos Mira, Lisete Mendes Mónico, Zélia Jesus Breda 33-44

Business/Management: Research Papers

Investigating the antecedents of innovative behaviors in the hotel industry of Turkey PDF
Sima Rahimizhian, Foad Irani 45-56