Vol 16, No 3 (2020)

Editors: José António C. Santos, Margarida Custódio Santos, Alfonso Vargas Sánchez

Table of Contents

Tourism/Hospitality: Research Papers

Hybrid preference assessment for tourism research using solicited and unsolicited opinions: an application in rural tourism PDF
Manuel Angel Fernández-Gámez, Elias Bendodo-Benasayag, José Ramón Sánchez.Serrano, Maria Helena Pestana 7-13
The Effects of Participant Motivational Behavioural Intention: The MARBLE Case PDF
Yilmaz Akgunduz, Ovunc Bardakoglu, Yesim Koba 15-22
The relationship of service quality dimensions of restaurant enterprises with satisfaction, behavioral intention, eWOM and the moderator effect of atmosphere PDF
Abdullah Uslu 23-35

Business/Management: Research Papers

Unpacking the influence of flight booking websites to e-loyalty: Empirical evidence from South East Asian Millennials PDF
Donny Susilo 37-50