Deborah da Cunha Estima, Ana Isabel Arruda Moniz, Diogo Caetano, Pablo Escudero Aznar, Maria da Anunciação Ventura


This study is a part of the project

Azores Green Islands Tourism, which is a partnership between the University of the Azores and ARENA, with the FCT and MIT support. The aim is to identify and evaluate, the way the Azorean tour operators perceive ecotourism and the adoption of sustainable practices, as a way to add value to the destination. The project was launched on the nine islands of the archipelago and lasted for one year. The target population was selected through the official site of the Regional Directorate of Tourism; all companies registered in the site were asked to answer an on-line survey. Given the results obtained, we expect to: develop a database with the companies that adopt good-practices in their activities; identify the perception of the tour operators concerning ecotourism; identify and assess how the operators perceive the adoption of sustainable practices as a way to add value to the Azorean destination; elaborate a diagnosis of the activity; contribute to an awareness of the tour operators on the importance of adopting sustainable practices. Thus, we expect to identify the strategies needed to stimulate the adoption of such practices, culminating in the elaboration of an action plan for the future of a sustainable tourism in the archipelago.  


Tourism; Environment; Sustainability; Green Destination; Certification

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