Dalila Müller, Dalila Rosa Hallal, Maria da Graça Gomes Ramos, Tania Elisa Morales Garcia


Considering the expansion which occurred in the latest years in the field of history as well as the renewed prestige of historical studies in general, we find it interesting to analyze some historical aspects of tourism. These aspects have been the object of concern of our researches aiming at picturing the history of Tourism in Brazil as a field work for research and teaching production. From these researches it is possible to highlight the decade of 1970 as a significant period of tourism history of Brazil. Thus, our aim is to analyze the Brazilian touristic context for the decade of 1970.

The research about this period was performed from bibliographical and documental sources, press news of that time, especially the newspaper "Correio do Povo" in the decade of 1970. So, it is possible to verify that this decade was outstanding in terms of investments in the area of basic infrastructure as well as in touristic services, mainly hostelry; by the coming out of the first higher education courses on tourism, and the pioneering scientific congresses in the area; and also by the government incentive for the development of such activities. The political, social and economic scenario of that time is far revealing concerning the nature and function of the touristic activity, showing the social forces which were responsible for its genesis and later development.


Brazil; Tourism; Decade of 1970

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