Pedro de Alcântara Bittencourt César, Cíntia Elisa Dhein, Pablo Cesar Uez


This article, an exploratory one, aims to present a theoretical construction that connects the space concept to value society`s identity and memory, through heritage education. Space is considered a society product and is constantly being modified by it. On this relation some spots are overlayed and a new landscape emerges. The landscape and its special elements are analysed as witnesses of the past time lived in this society. In this essay a theoretical body is defined to configure its changes on a time period, allowing by the context understanding the comprehension of this evolution. Heritage education is approached when considering the landscape/space context of this object of study, which means, the cultural heritage. This study aims to contribute for a deeper and more holistic society comprehension, as well as to appreciate its legacy, the tourist attractions.


Cultural Tourism; Cultural Heritage; Heritage Education; Landscape

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