Elsa Tavares Esteves, Paula Odete Fernandes, Carla Pinto Cardoso


This study intends mainly to verify whether entertainment, as a component of the existing supply in the region of Alto Trás-os-Montes, with its unique and singular characteristics, may be associated with several factors influencing the visitors’ choice of destination. Note that regarding entertainment studies in Portugal, the approach is based on the importance of entertainment, its objectives, modalities, contribution to increased rates of occupation of a region, on the entertainment tourist and on companies of entertainment. Therefore, we aim at fostering the development of this theme, linking it to the decision making process of tourism consumption. The relevance associated with this study involves the analysis of a region consumer behaviour, as there are no studies of this nature and no practical utility for the development of the activity sector. The research results may contribute to a reclassification of political intervention in the system of tourist attraction due to the relationship established between the consumption and the activities produced by the public and private companies of the tourism sector in the region.


Entertainment, Tourism Consumption, Tourism Demand, Tourist Destination, Alto Trás-os-Montes.

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