Fernando Brás Messias, Júlio da Costa Mendes, Ileana Pardal Monteiro


The well-being of staff within organisations is particularly important in relation to human resources and management. Organisations need to develop behaviours that increase well-being amongst employees.

The study in progress aims to explain well-being-promoting leadership demonstrating the differences between leaders that promote well-being and leaders that do not, as well as to explain well-being in the five-star hospitality as a product of the actions of leaders.


A qualitative methodology has been employed in order to elaborate a questionnaire (well-being promoting leadership scale – ELPB) that is proofed against the common problem organisations face when people's actions do not match their words.

A pilot study was carried out in two Algarve hotels in May, 2010. The aim was to test the methodology by applying the ELPB scale in real-case scenarios, as well as undertaking interviews with employees and managers.

The pilot study permitted analysis of the staff's perception of a well-being-promoting leader, therefore resulting in two dimensions that allow for a differentiation of the staff's perception of leaders.


Leadership; Well-Being, Hospitality; Tourism Experience; Good Practices

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